eliza (lyza) wrote,

i think i am upset by the fact that i just feel like talking to christopher but too bad! the phoneline is broken again! and it didn't even rain. [maybe it is a good thing we are moving.]

i had something else to write. i thought.
oh yeah. i think i saw rory calhoun on a ut shuttle bus today. but i am not positive. it could have been an imposter, but eitherway, i guess i dont really care anymore.

i am wearing white leather gloves from the 20s and i feel a little classy.

last night i only slept one and a half hours even though i went to bed at ten thirty. i kept waking myself up because i didnt want to dream about cars or numbers. the same thing happened when i was seven except i was trying not to dream about skeletons because it scared me. too bad i would much rather dream of skeletons than cars and numbers.

today i did not talk very much. and it was easier than making up things to say to people i didnt want to talk to.

oh boring.
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