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why'd you have to make it so complicated; can't it just be beautiful?

i am upset.
firstly because i don't think i can write. and if there is anything i want to be good at it is that.
it seems stupid that the thing i am having the hardest time with is the development of myself as a character in the story.
maybe i don't want to figure myself out. i dont think i need to.

secondly and thirdly. nope.

one time i knew this kid named noah and some of our friends suck so they were like "oh we are studying math we are so cool" and so we left and noah said "take a photo of that!" about 500 times and so i have about 500 photos (3 of that cup acctually). but then we found a key and it led us to a meter box full of bats which were acctually vampires and we got bitten so sorry but i am a vampire now.

and yet i still have no idea if vampires have blood.
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