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WHAT IS IT? ohhh...baby it's you!

so i am moving houses over spring break.
and the thing i am going to miss most about my room here is this spider.

he only has 5 legs and all but one are on that one side. it's really sad, and funny. he walks like a pirate. and has a web near my bed. he is just so good to me.

buying a car is the worst thing ever.
especially with my mom. she expects me to do everything even though i have no idea what i am doing. she is like go look at cars but what am i going to look at! i dont know how to tell if cars are good or crappy. all cars look good to me.
she got mad at me today because i couldnt find consumer reports at the library so i read graphology books instead. but really. what is more interesting.
i really am motivated.
i am just put off.

also. i finally cut all my hair off.
it is really thick i wouldnt have known.
it's weird to see myself in reflections in windows and things i am always like "wait who is that! ...oh yeah me."

old (too much hair in my eyes ahhh!)


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