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ok ok
well. on thursday rory calhoun talked about me on his radio show! he said my name twice and then i was happy for a whole day.
and kvrx is having a meeting anyone-can-come thing on wednesday and steven and i are going to go and i am going to convince rory calhoun to let me host his show with him. there are only 15 or so left! oh no.

in sad news, my car is going to be so much money to fix because the coil is broken and they don't make them anymore and so we have to sell it back! and get a different car and that makes me cry so much.
i miss you, vanessa from queens.

i keep having really creepy dreams about being in relationships with gross gross people. but i did have a good jurassic park dream and dinosaurs were killing everyone!

in art i have made two paintings that i like (for now) and that is good i think.

1. i have the same haircut as i did when i was 3 or 4.

1. this is from mlast week or something and i don't know what else to do to it so help me out here. please.

(i hate that little stairs looking dumb part it's bad.)

1. i found a bunch of old bad drawings from last year and the year before, but i am too lazy to make them small and put them but they just made me laugh because i remember being proud of them.

1. also, i found a picture of me and my friends dressed up like the spice girls in 4th or 5th grade. and that was embarassing, even though no one was around. i think we made a movie about them too.

1. reid made this about a week ago and i think it is the best thing i have seen in a long long time

two weeks is way too long!
sorry it just is.
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