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i am so bad at driving my car it is so sad.

kvrx is being good right now.
i don't know
it's kindof cheesey but i like it.
i guess that's about the same as everything i like.

i wasn't feeling very good tonight and i was like "well people buy stuff when they are sad and then they aren't sad anymore right." but i only had one dollar. so i bought a dr pepper. and drove in circles and it sucked.

spiders are haunting me. for real. for serious even..

i keep seeing the name Gladys everywhere.

Sometimes, when I climb stairs, it takes me a while to get my breath back. I know why it is, it's because I'm tired. Whilst I write this history, I have to keep taking breaks. I haven't been well. I need a change. I shall be leaving soon, and most likely I shan't be coming back. I want to be somewhere else, I want to be anywhere, anywhere that is not 42 Pult Street, anywhere that is not Entralla. I want to see streets i don't recognize. I want to see people I've never seen before. I want everything to be new. I hate anything familiar, I hate what i see everyday through these eyes. I loathe it, anywhere else is wonderful to me, no matter how soiled, simply because it is not here. That's all I crave: somewhere that is not here. If only to glimpse it so briefly, if only between blinks. That would do.

--edward carey
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