eliza (lyza) wrote,

dear everyone,
please please please please give me money.
i mean that in the most sincere way possible as look listen to this.
BOTH of my favorite bands ever are headling the coachella fesival in may in indio in california. (psst that means radiohead and the cure)
i am going to cry so much if i can't go.
plus pixies!
plus! air
plus the (international) noise conspiracy!
plus deathcab
and those are only good confirmed ones.
oh man
what is happening
this is not fair.
for round trip tickets its about $150 -- and that only gets me to LA.
and then room at a cheap place for how long i need it will be $180.
and then tickets.
and then getting from L.A. to indio and back.
and then of course, convincing my mother to ever let me go, which wont happen.
i just need to though.
i dont care if the cure is burnt out and old.
i still want to see them.

but uhh, good news is.
i went to see the set of the nightmare before christmas today with reid and andrea in san antonio.
and then i also have my car now!
and its so weird looking but i dont care!
because its a car and i suck at driving standard, but i will get better probably.

so if anyone secretly lives in indio and wants to let me stay with them. or something. or if someone has a bunch of frequent flyer miles they want to give me, you know i would be happy.
just. yeah.
ok, so...thank you.
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