eliza (lyza) wrote,

ok ok.
i think i am going crazy.
because i am making a life story based on pictures on my computer.

yeah some people in my life aren't in my lifestory.
i dont have pictures.
so more like.
this is the life story someone would assume if they looked through pictures on my computer.

but anyway,

ok kids here is this.

my name is eliza.
i don't like to be cold.
but i have a good jacket for it.
acctually i am always cold.

i live in a house.
that i dont have a picture of.
i live with my mom and step dad.
my moms alright.
my stepdad isn't so much.
i dont know why they are wearing matching clothes.

also, theres my brother.
he's a cool kid.

oh and my sister.

ok that was boring.
but i keep going what is wrong!

eliza and reid are friends.
sometimes reid makes art for me.
it's AMAZING!!!
sometimes eliza and reid look for ghosts and...you know other things.

also, eliza and erin are friends.
erin, unlike eliza, can take REAL pictures.
sometimes erin and eliza write with the same pen.

and even though i say reid and erin are my best friends, i am just lying. in reality, i have a really large body and thom is my best friend.
sorry! its just true!

and wow! i have so many friends i should just start listing!
ravenmaster, of course.
great britain.
beck AND jack. (they're even hanging out at my house.)

as well as friends, i also have one ENEMY,
whom i am constantly at war with. but i win in the end.

oh god. this is too much.
you get a prize if clicked on every one of those.
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