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ok ok.
since i dont every want to write anything real.
i will take a page out of phil's book and do this cd thing. because i have been spending a lot of money on cds. and want more!

bought recently.
the strokes - room on fire
clinic - walking with thee
handsome boy modeling school - so...how's your girl?
Rjd2 - the horror i stepped on that so i bought dead ringer. im dumb.
dr octagon - dr octagonecologist

what is left on my list
stephen malkmus and the jicks - pig lib
bjork - vespertine

the cure - wish
the walkmen - everyone who pretended to like me is gone
portishead - portishead
ugly cassanova - sharpen your teeth
badly drawn boy - have you fed the fish
the shins - oh, inverted world!

a lot more also.
and uhh. if anyone wants to burn me the moon and antartica i would be happy. because i dont really want to pay for it. but i want it? i dont know.

anyway. this is how bored i am.
if you want to be friends and burn cds for eachother i am very much up for that.
here are mine.
that website will probably stop working after a while. and i probably left some out. which may or may not have been on purpose.

psst this is the best song on this album. and it is so good.
save me.
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